Motion Design

Nostril Corks

The final project from my Intro to After Effects from School of motion.

School of Motion
Release Date:

School of Motion - Kickstart final project

Client: School of Motion

Design: Ariel Costa

Motion: William Wood

In the Fall of 2018, I took an intro to After Effects course through School of Motion and had the time of my life! I started this course with a general knowledge of After Effects, and I came out with my favorite works and several connections in our motion community. It was really an incredible experience!

Below are some style tiles and process of my final project - Nostril Corks.

Style Frame of Corks

Style Frame of Nose with Tanks

Style Frame of Germ Particles

Style Frame of Close

The Goal

The goal of this project was to create a 30-second spot using existing photoshop assets. I used all my skill and knowledge I learned to bring this animation to life. I also went back and cleaned up other projects (because repeaters are amazing)!

The project was already designed by the amazingand was given to School of Motion for students to use. It was a breath of fresh air to pick apart these design files and see all the ways you can streamline your assets before handing them off to a motion designer.

Typically, I make my own designs and animate them myself, so I appreciated the chance to see how others create their files and learn how I can improve my work to be passed off to my team members.


The project took one week from start to finish to animate. Since I didn't have to design the piece myself, the process of this piece was focusing on moving the animation between style frames, working on follow through movements, and moving the viewer's eye through the work.‍

I've since gone back after my class to tweak little things and improve parts that I didn't really understand at the time. This class didn't really dig into repeaters or expressions, so my skills afterward were helpful to improve on this piece.


Looking back at the project there really isn't much I would change. Animations can always be improved and I'll always be finding better and faster ways to do this, but I'm pleased with the work produced and I like to think of it as my first checkpoint into my professional motion design career.