Motion Design

Moutai Liquor

Two billboard animations for DIA to build brand awareness for Moutai in the US

Moutai Liquor
Release Date:

Moutai Liquors

Client: Moutai Liquors

Creative Director: Keith Roberts

Designer: Taylor Langan

Animation: Billy Wood


Moutai Liquor was a simple animation project involving two billboard advertisements to be displayed at DIA during the holidays. The advertisements were to reflect the brand and elements existing in the companies website. Moutai is the most valuable liquor company in the entire world, and I'm not just saying that. However, their market majority is in China so exposure to a US market is high priority.

The Goal

The goal of this project was to create two dynamic billboards that would represent the identity of Moutai and help introduce the company to the US market, while also instilling brand awareness in their Chinese demographic.

The Process

Keith Roberts started the initial creative process leading to two overarching themes: “The Spirit of China” and “The Drink of Real Men.” These directions intended to instill that brand awareness to their Chinese demographic, along with the brand ties to Charlie Chaplin where he once described Moutai as “the drink of real men.”

Initial Design Concepts

Between the textures and the feel of the typography, we narrowed down to two options and refined. After that, we took them into After Effects to begin animating.

To bring this piece to life and create a compelling display, I used articulate puppet warps on the Chinese dragon and the reflection in the water. The smoke in the background was created using a practical effect recorded and composed onto the piece. These elements help the advertisement pop off the screen at DIA and capture the attention of the viewer.

Charlie Chaplin is a recognizable and popular character. The challenge was creating a mustache movement that captured the characters personality and aesthetic. In the end, the piece took a more minimalistic approach to emphasize the Moutai Brand. We focused on other elements, such as the speed of the bottle and how it can draw the viewer into the ad and overall message.


Looking back on the project, I think we were very successful in bringing the Moutai brand to life. If given the opportunity, I would use the knowledge and skills I have gained in 3D modeling, and render a new bottle and compose it onto the piece. I think the static 2D bottle loses the personality and life-like feel a 3D object creates. This one change would push this advertisement and make it stronger.