Motion Design

Tall McCall

Motion Graphics for Instagram Stories to reveal the new branding of Tall McCall. Working with designer Taylor Langan to really bring this to life.

Client: Tall McCall

Mysterious and yet strikingly beautiful basement vampire, Branding, and Art Direction: Taylor Langan

Animation: Billy Wood


Taylor approached me to help him bring his new logo design to life for the tattoo artist Tall McCall. He had audio ready, boarded animation, and was able to just let me flow and experiment with my animation. This look with the simple type and clean vector lines has always been one of my favorite styles, so I was beyond excited to be a part of it.

The Goal

Three sections of story videos put together to show the process of Tall McCall's tattoos. His unique way of approaching tattoo art, and how he communicates with his clients, drove the process in not only the logo but the animation. We wanted to emulate that experience so that people know exactly what makes Tall McCall unique just from his Instagram story.


Using the audio and the format of stories we were able to build this piece in harmony of out methods between animation, design, and tattoo. We started with style frames and audio, and after a few iterations we found a very smooth pace that helps amplify the audio and design. Before I knew it we had full animation together and it was live!


Taylor and I have worked together before and it was always a blast. On top of that Tall McCall was incredible to work with. I've got a special place in my heart for helping Denver tattoo artists and I'm really proud of how all this work turned out.

Go check out Tall McCall on Instagram! You can see the story we made at the top of his page, and all of these tattoos in this piece are there to check out too!

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