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DAZZ - Icons

These icons are for the Dazz about page to help showcase their product and their mission as a company. The Dazz products are Child Friendly, Pet Friendly, Earth Friendly, and Budget Friendly. We used this iconography and animation to bring that to life in a fun and refreshing way.

Give them a click!
Or a tap if that's what you're into📱


The animation for these icons aren't all that crazy, but what made them such an awesome project was the fact that they are all code running on the Dazz website on hover. Check them out here this is all code running through lottie. I think that's pretty rad.

These puppies work well across all devices and are super clean. If you're interested in Lottie you can learn more about the tool here

And if you're interested in all the cool things I'm doing with Lottie (since I'm pushing it on every site that needs animation) we can chat it up! I'm all about sharing my information on this incredible tool.

p.s. All the slick animations on this site are Lottie toooooooo

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