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DAZZ - Glass

I've been working with Dazz to make some little web animations and social media posts, but I've been really itching to build out a scene with their products in Cinema 4D. I'm on Arnold recently since the work PC is very far away, and I've gotta say it's really nice. It's not Octane, but dang it can make this 'ol iMac work!

All of the modeling is done in C4D, and texture examples are below.


I really wanted to take this project and flex some ideas I've had with modeling a scene. I drew a lot of inspiration for the setup from artists like Antian Imeri and Dan Zucco. They are really talented artists and this look has become so popular recently so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make one myself. Added bonus, since taking C4D Basecamp at the start of the year, this was one of my first modeling exercises where I actually knew how to get to the goal.

All of the modeling is done in C4D, and texture examples are below.


This project uses Arnold Render and it comes as both necessity and desire. I'm always running into a new render to try. as I think all 3D artists are, but I always default back to Octane just because it's so fast and ubiquitous in studios. Since we're all in lockdown this presented a big problem since I run on an iMac at home and am not able to run Octane whatsoever. 😅

With this hurdle I ended up hitting the ground running with some help from GSG and I was able to drop right into Arnold without too much trouble. It was actually so easy I think it moved up to being my preferred rendering solution!

Take a look at some of these textures below!

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