Motion Design

Cyber GRX

Motion graphics of two projects. Involved recording and editing the audio, cutting together the screen recordings, and then animating the little sections.

CyberGRX - Third Party and Enterprise Videos

Client: CyberGRX

Design, Animation, Creative Direction: Billy Wood


CyberGRX has been a long-standing Zenman client and I have been designing for their marketing, web, and video work for the past couple of years. The goal of the videos was to introduce their new community to the Cyber Risk Exchange. There are two different videos to accommodate the target audience of Third-Parties and Enterprises.

The Goal

Produce two videos using animation and screen recordings to introduce the viewer to the Global Risk Exchange.


The process for these two videos started with style frames. Oh, man, did I make a lot of style frames! I started out with a few opener options, lower thirds, transitions, and a closer. Each went through iterations and we presented three different directions for each part of the video.

After the direction was chosen for each element of the video, we recorded the voice-over (a CyberGRX employee), edited, cleaned up the audio, and began animating with the style frames. was a great tool to collect feedback. I also received feedback via conference calls where I could sketch directly on the frames and provide further explanation for my transition choices. Here is an example of that:


These were my favorite video projects of 2018. I really loved getting to refine some specific animations and work on flowing people through an articulate project. CyberGRX has tight budgets and tight timelines so in retrospect, I would have loved to hire a voice-over artist and spend a little more time polishing the intro, but I am proud of the work we delivered in the short time frame we had.

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