Billy is right here šŸ‘‹

My name is Billy Wood (sometimes William on paper) and I am a San Francisco based motion designer. IĀ am passionate about 2D and 3D motion graphics driven by great design and stylish animation. Recently I've been pouring my time into developing my 3D animation skills with cinema4D, Maya, and Houdini. My goal for 2022 is to completely step up my 3D skills and move into a primarily 3D animation role.

I used to play bass in Scotty & the Late Nights, I make a latte every day, and I am obsessed with animation and VFX. I mean I am a literal encyclopedia of mograph and animation.

I'm always gathering cool references and collecting videos of great work. I'm a big fan of the SOM group as well and I'm always trying to level up the artists around me. If you make cool work, I've probably saved it and gushed about it with my coworkers. I've got my own segment at the end of our weekly meeting where IĀ link out all the cool things I've seen and we chat about what we like and what we want to get better at

If you're thinking about what it might be like to sit next to me for 40+ hours a week, let's hop on a Zoom call and chat.
(Phone calls totally work too)


Accenture / Google

Staff 2D & 3D Motion Designer

I am part of the gUP Multimedia team responsible for supporting many of Google's internal projects include any 2D and 3D product walkthroughs, explainer videos, and gif animations. Accenture contracts me out to Google as a member of Accenture flex. Everything is NDA so if you want to hear more about it send me a message!

Freelance Motion Designer

motion Graphics, Animation, VFX, and Graphic Design

I freelance with multiple agencies and clients. Freelancing gives me the opportunity to explore the workflow of other agencies and helps expose me to a larger variety of clients and the fields they operate in. I have done work from small branding projects to contributing to a full animation pipeline. These days I tend to lean away from traditional print/graphic design and have poured my heart into motion design and 3D animation.

My current contract is giving me the opportunity to teach 3D (using blender!) and further develop my 3DĀ animation skills by creating a custom pipeline with my producer and two other animators.

Rough House Editorial

Contract Motion Designer
September 2019-March 2019

Contracted for 6 months to support the internal RH staff with motion graphics and VFX for their retainer clients.

Spillt Agency of Design

Motion Design Intern
March 2019-June 2019

Responsible for tasks to help keep the team and projects running smoothly including pitches, boards, and original assets for animation. I worked with a team of other motion designers and freelancers for day-to-day tasks and designs. Clients include: BOA, Toonami, ServPro, and Spectrum.


Web and Motion Designer

Responsible for designing large-scale Wordpress websites, google ads, printed case-studies, branding collateral, and other miscellaneous advertisement. The motion projects consist of explainer videos, interaction examples, animated ads, and billboards. This all culminates into 20 different clients with my Art Director and three Developers.

First Year Success

Web & print Designer

Responsible for the design and marketing promotion of 36 events per year for first year students at MSU Denver including printed marketing materials, handouts, email blasts, and website promotional material. Also responsible for updates and maintenance of the First Year Success Website.

MSUĀ Denver - Communication Design

BFA in Communication Design

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication Design | NASAD accredited Art and Design Program
Member - AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)
Member - Future Leaders of Design
Graduated in May 2017